Day School

For the families who want their kids to attend the area day schools, JY Education provides Day School Placement services accompanied by Guidance Service. There are many private day schools in the area, and so families can easily find the right school based on the need of the student and the family.

JY Education will find a warm and caring host family for the student, place, and look over their life afterward, not to mention stay close contact with the school to advise the student accordingly.

JY Education

Connecticut is the preferred destination for parents who wish to study in a private school rather than a boarding school for a number of reasons.

* Location: A safe, high-education residential area in the middle between New York and Boston.

* School choice: Various schools by academic ability, religion, and school size are located within a small area, so you can choose and use them according to the needs, needs, and circumstances of students and families.

* Prestigious universities, including the Ivy League, are scattered around in the immediate vicinity, and prestigious boarding schools are also clustered nearby, so it is easier to set goals and prepare for motivation and higher education than anywhere else in the United States.

It can be said that, above all, meeting a good host family and using after-school time in a structured and efficient manner will determine the success or failure of your study abroad life. To this end, JY Education meticulously takes care of students' school and family life through the Guardian Service on a regular basis.