Summer Camp

During about 3-month-long vacation every summer, the kids in America try to utilize this long period of out-of-school time: family time, travel, part-time job, study, etc. Many young students use their summer attending various summer camps to grow areas where they cannot easily focus during the school session, such as Academic area, Sports, Fine Arts, Instruments, and Reading.

Many American families send their kids to summer camps. In the most summer camps, especially the overnight camps, kids can

Dig deeper in areas they like

Grow self-esteem

Try new and different things

Make new friends

Build resilience

Grow responsibility

JY Education
JY Education

JY Education Summer Camp Consulting Program

The program provides:

Suggesting the most desirable summer program for the kid and family's needs after one-on-one consulting with the family

Assistance in filling out the application and preparing all the required documents for the selected program

Guidance on all preparations necessary for entering the camp

Airport Pick-Up Arrangement

Guardian Role During The Program

Acting As A Parent's Advocate During The Program

Bridge Program